Sponsors and Partners

Women’s March to Ban the Bomb is currently seeking sponsors for our events and ongoing support to solidarity marches happening around the world.


The Arsenault Family Foundation

The Arsenault Family Foundation believes in a world free from nuclear weapons and the initiative and goals WILPF and specifically, RCW are promoting to bring about a Nuclear Weapons Free World through the passing of the Nuclear Ban Treaty.

Peace Dove (Contribution: $1000 +):

The Japan Council against A & H Bombs (Gensuikyo), have developed many forms of actions to reach the three basic goals of 1) the prevention of nuclear war, 2) a ban on and the elimination of nuclear weapons, 3) the relief and solidarity with the Hibakusha, the A-bomb sufferers, including the annual World Conference against A & H Bombs in every August, constant and nationwide signature campaigns for a ban on nuclear weapons, events and actions in cooperation with the Hibakusha to make known the damage and health effects of the A-bombings to general public.
The New Japan Women’s Association (NJWA/Shinfujin) is a NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Since its founding in 1962, Shinfujin has been working for peace, justice, women’s rights and gender equality. The elimination of nuclear weapons is one of their priorities and Shinfujin members all over Japan are carrying on various activities on the ground with the catch-phrases: “Together with Hibakusha”, “Together with younger generations”, and  “Press the Japanese Government to truly commit itself to banning and eliminating nuclear weapons”.

Olive Branch (Contribution: $500 – $999):

Hand to Heart(Contribution: $250 – $499):