The Treaty

The Nuclear ban treaty negotiations in 2017

In one of its final acts of 2016, the United Nations General Assembly adopted with overwhelming support a landmark resolution to begin negotiations on a treaty banning nuclear weapons. This historic decision heralds an end to two decades of paralysis in multilateral nuclear disarmament efforts. Did you know that nuclear weapons are the only weapons of mass destruction not yet prohibited in a comprehensive and universal manner, despite their well-documented impacts? Biological weapons, chemical weapons, landmines and cluster munitions have all been explicitly and completely banned under international law. 

The first round of negotiations on a treaty to ban nuclear weapons under international law took place in New York from 27-31 March. The session revealed that the 132 countries participating share a vision for a world without nuclear weapons. And while some disagreement is expected, there was broad agreement among many countries on most elements of the proposed treaty.

The next session of negotiations follows the week after our march and rally around the world, get on board, get out there and rally and follow where our voices will make an impact in the final negotiations.

(15 June - 7 July.) 

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