In order for you to get connects and show your support to bring about a treaty banning nuclear weapons and the Women’s March to Ban the Bomb! Our team is putting together multi-lingual information, graphics, and how-to guides, to help you advocate.

How To Host Your Own Solidarity Event Guides

In order to promote an international unified day of support the Women’s March to Ban the Bomb has developed a comprehensive guide on how to host your own solidarity event and is tracking the various solidarity events around the world with information about the hosts in each location. The guide is avdigitallyfitially and for download in multiple languages

Downloadable Graphics

Get your digital action on with theses free and downloadable graphics. Post them as the background of your social media site, set them as your signature on your e-mail taglines, print them and pass them around! Let’s get this conversation going.


over the coming week Women Ban, the Bomb will be developing useful infographics coming out weekly in English related to nuclear weapons, women, the environment, costs, disarmament, and much more! (Coming Soon!)


Women’s March to Ban the Bomb is developing our very own series of small videos about the march. We will also be hosting some resources of excellent videos regarding nuclear weapons for you to check out and learn more.


Women’s March to Ban the bomb has put together a comprehensive list of resources to learn more about nuclear weapons disarmament, the treaty,  women

Organize Your Own Solidarity Rally

The Women’s March Ban The Bomb is currently working to put together a How To pack for those of you interested in hosting your own rallies in case you can’t join us here. Check Back Soon for updates in multiple languages.