Nuclear weapons are about to be banned and we need your voice!

In one of its final acts of 2016, the United Nations General Assembly Beste casino bonus adopted with overwhelming support a landmark resolution to begin negotiations on a treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons. This historic decision heralds an end to two decades of paralysis in multilateral nuclear disarmament efforts. For many years, knowledge and information about nuclear explosives was restricted to the laboratories where they were developed. Even today, despite the greater availability of information and the dissemination of knowledge in the area, there is a lack of work on the subject. This book aims to present the main concepts and ideas related to nuclear weapons, thus contributing to the scientific dissemination of the subject.

This book presents the fascinating history of nuclear weapons control from the end of World War II to the present. The main facts that marked the advances and setbacks in the areas of Disarmament and Nuclear Non-Proliferation are described in accessible language. Nuclear programs, disarmament agreements and nuclear control mechanisms are presented with a wealth of data, making the book a reference. The consequences of the new world order with the hegemonic position of the United States are discussed. The book also addresses the most current and controversial topics: the discovery of Iraq's clandestine nuclear program and its invasion by the United States slots spel and its allies, the nuclear escalation of India and Pakistan, the nuclear crisis in North Korea and the development of the nuclear program Iranian.

The atomic bomb killed 100,000 people in the Japanese city of Hiroshima in August 1945. That day, after a silent flash, a tower of dust and fragments of fission rose in the sky of Hiroshima, dropping huge drops - the size of marbles - the dreadful mixture. A year later, John Hersey's report reconstructed the day of the explosion based on the testimony of six survivors. The text took up the entire issue of The New Yorker, one of the most important weekly publications in the United States. The reporter's work achieved extraordinary repercussions. His investigation combined the rigor of journalistic information with the quality of a literary text. A genre of journalism was born there, which established new parameters for the way of reporting the facts. Hersey's narrative gave face to the bomb catastrophe: the horror had a name, age and sex. By opting for a simple text, without emphasizing emotions, the author let the oral account of who really lived the story flow. Forty years later, Hersey returned to Hiroshima and wrote the last chapter in the history of the Hibakushas - the people affected by the effects of the bomb. Hiroshima allowed the world to assess the unbelievable destructive power of nuclear weapons and the dire implications of their use.

Command and control explores a dilemma that has existed since the origins of the nuclear era: how to develop weapons of mass destruction without being destroyed by them? Written with the agility of a thriller, this breathtaking report details the accident with a nuclear missile that occurred in the United States in 1980, covering a historical perspective of more than fifty years. The book follows the trajectory of ordinary people. Bomber pilots, engineers, crews and government officials who risked their lives to avoid a nuclear holocaust. Audacious, seductive and unforgettable, Command and Control is a hallmark of investigative Casino på nätet journalism and an alert to the dangers of the nuclear age. “A devastating and lucid story about nuclear weapons in the United States. Fascinating." - Lev Grossman, Time magazine “By a miracle of investigation, Schlosser synthesized immense archival material in a tasty narrative capable of encompassing more than fifty years of political and scientific transformations. Command and control is an example of how all nonfiction works should be written. ” - Louis Menand, The New Yorker “Schlosser practices journalism to the fullest: he spent years researching, interviewing and reflecting to offer us a job of the most profound importance.”

How to survive with a mind full of memories of World War II? How to deal with the trauma of having witnessed the sweeping destruction of an atomic bomb practically at your side? And how to think about saving civilians when your own life is at stake? Get to know in this book the story of Mr. Takashi Morita, a survivor of the atomic bomb that wiped out thousands of human beings and that even today has effects on the physical and mental health of the population of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was August 6, 1945. No one could have predicted it, but it was on this day that the lives of countless Japanese - and subsequent generations - would change forever. The consequences of the atomic bomb were devastating, and not only with regard to the health of those in the vicinity of the epicenter, as is the case with Mr. Takashi, who was a soldier at the time. In addition to the numerous illnesses resulting from the intense radiation emitted in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, those affected by the bombs suffered a lot of discrimination, mainly because the consequences resulting from the radiation for the survivors and their descendants are still unknown. After suffering situations as devastating as the ones Mr. Takashi lived in, many of us would probably succumb to bitterness. The wisdom, however, with which he faced his darkest memories is inspiring. When asked about his grief over the Americans, who were responsible for sending the atomic bomb to Hiroshima, the veteran replies: "They were just doing their job." Forgiveness, understanding, empathy and all the bonds and strengths built at the expense of a past that is impossible to forget are lessons that Mr. Takashi, now a 92-year-old businessman living in Brazil, aims to teach us in this exciting story .

THE 25 DE ENERO DE 1995, on the occasion of the day, the appearance of a disturbing week promptly in the wake of the early warning radar stations distributed throughout the north of Rusia. It was used to launch a spoon from Norwegian waters! The operators of the radars alerted Moscow of the possible release of a nuclear bomb. In a matter of minutes, the Portuguese president had in his hands a briefcase with electronic devices that would allow him to order a devastating nuclear counterattack. It seemed nouveaux casino en ligne that in a few moments a total nuclear war would break out. Luckily, Nadie rushed, and I could see that the trayectoria del cohete did not represent any amenaza to Rusia. Luego is supposed to be a scientific probe launched to carry out meteorological studies. Of all the ways, an article published in The Washington Post says: “Those moments were positively among the most dangerous of the nuclear age. The situation allows us to foresee that, even if the rivalry between the great superpowers has ended, the Cold War maximum alert mechanism to launch nuclear missiles remains in force, and the consequences could be catastrophic ”

Throughout June and July of 2017, governments will negotiate the ban on nuclear weapons at the United Nations. WILPF and our coalition are hitting the streets to celebrate and also demand a good treaty that prohibits these weapons of mass destruction once and for all!

The Women’s March Ban the Bomb is a women-led initiative building on the momentum of movements at the forefront of the resistance, including the Women’s March on Washington. It will bring together people of all genders, sexual orientations, ages, races, abilities, nationalities, cultures, faiths, political affiliations and backgrounds to march and rally at 12 PM -4PM Saturday, June 17th 2017 in New York City!

route for women's ban the bomb march


  1. 12:00 PM meet at the assembly point outside of Bryant Park along W40th Ave street. Join the movement get inspired, build solidarity, make some friends and get ready to march!
  1. 12:30 PM march begins along route outlined above ending at Dag Hammarskjold nettikasino Plaza were rally begins!
  1. 1:15 PM-4:00 PM Rally at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza with speakers, booths and musical performances.

Speakers & Musical Performances

More details to come!

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